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How To Do Dreadlocks The Freeform Way


Want to learn how to do dreadlocks with little to no effort on your part?

The simplest way to start dreads is with the free form technique. While researching options for starting my own locks a few years ago I learned a lot about this method.

Let's look at the most frequently asked questions about the method and tips you can use if you're thinking about starting your own freeform locks.

What are freeform dreads and how are they done?

Freeform dreads are locks left to do their own thing when they're just starting out. This locking method actually requires that you do nothing at all.

Wake up, wash, shake and go. How easy is that?

By doing nothing, your hair will start to form “buds” (baby locks). Leave them as they are or carefully separate bigger buds to form what will later become thinner individual locks.

What kind of hair do you have for freeform dreads?

The best type of hair for doing free formed locks has some kind of kink or curl in it. If your hair has tendencies to get tangled and knotty easily, jump for joy; you're already half way there.

What do freeform dreadlocks look like?

Have you ever heard the name Lauryn Hill? She's a beautiful natural black woman (and her music is fantastic) who's been sporting the freeform look for years.

How To Maintain Free Form Dreadlocks

Freeform dreads don't need any special attention to get started but they still need to be maintained. If they aren't you run the risk of having them weaken, break off and just look plain messy.

Freeform Dreadlock Care Tips

If what you just read sounds like something you can handle, free form dreadlocks will be right up your alley.

Now that you know how to do dreadlocks (or rather what you don't need to do) you can get started on your new look!

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