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How To Do A Twist Out

How To Do A Twist Out Step By Step


Learn how to do a twist out style with these easy to find tools and simple steps.

What You Need

For Relaxed Hair

  1. Start with damp conditioned hair. Apply setting lotion and comb through, completely coating all your hair.

  2. Part the hair from hairline to nape of the neck in inch in wide rows.

  3. Take two pieces of hair from the front of a row and begin twisting them over and around each other against your scalp as if they were two pieces of string.

  4. Continue until you get to the ends of the hair.Take an end paper and fold it over the ends of the hair so they're fully covered. Use a small perm rod to roll the ends of the hair. This keeps it from unravelling and gives a nice curl. Keep parting and twisting until your whole head is done.

  5. Sit under a warm to hot hooded dryer for 45 minutes. Test the ends to make sure they're completely dry before you release the twists or your hair will frizz.Carefully unravel the twists and separate the crinkles and curls until you get the fullness you like. Mist lightly with oil sheen.

For Natural Hair

  1. Start with dry or slightly damp hair and part one inch thick sections. Do a two-strand twist with each of them from root to ends with a little hair gel. If the ends unravel use small perm rods to secure them.

  2. Wear the twists to bed or sit under a warm bonnet dryer for 15-20 minutes, then release and style.

Tips For A Perfect Twist Out

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