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How To Cover Skin Discoloration

Q: I am a caramel skin complexion and I have a difficult time trying to cover the dark circles under my eyes and the uneven color in my skin.

I normally have combination skin and whenever I am stressed my skin breaks out terribly and sometimes leave me with acne marks and I can not figure out how to hide the skin discolorations.

Would you please offer any advice?

A: I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with your skin.

Dealing with skin issues like dark marks and acne can be tricky.

Your skin needs to be clean and non-irritated to deal with the acne, but covering it up with something is essential to making your feel more confident in yourself till the marks fade.

For Your Acne:

I'd suggest drinking more water (no matter how much you drink now) to help flush your system of toxins.

I don't know if you've ever heard of Black Soap or Shea Butter before but they are two miracles for many people when it comes to their skin. they are known for clearing up acne and the marks left behind very quickly.

Check out your local beauty supply store and see if you can get your hands on some natural based products and try them out.

For The Dark Spots:

Same recommendation as above along with finding a good concealer to hold you over until the spots fade.

I'm personal into mineral makeup myself and also the dream matte mousse from Maybelline because they're very light, don't clog my pores and cover my imperfections perfectly.

You just have to try a few things to see what works for you.

Two words of advice though are never to squeeze your bumps or try to treat them with anything harsh and drying.

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Treatment for oily face and dry skin
by: Constance

I learned most of these creams that are sold contains paraben and cancer causing chemicals. I just started using black soap an unrefined Shea butter,the results are amazing! It smooths my complexion. Thanks so much!

Camille's Comments:

You're welcome and I'm glad I could help!

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