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How To Clear Uneven Skin Tone

by Deonna

Q: I've had skin blotches since age nine. I went to the dermatologist and got them cleared. I'm now 16, but it has left me lighter in my cheeks and forehead and darker on my jaw line. It looks horrible please give me a remedy on how I can fix this.

Camille's Answer:

If the dark skin on your face also looks dull and ashy, it's a build up of dead skin cells. There are a few things you can do


Use a good scrub to gently massage away old dead skin from your face. It's not going to remove it all at once, but if you keep using it you'll start to see brighter healthy skin appear over time.

Use Shea Butter:

Organic Shea butter is truly a miracle worker when it comes to skin (and hair). Whip up a batch so it's light and fluffy and use it sparingly on your face to help lighten and tone the dark areas.

Wear Sunblock:

It's always good to protect your skin from the sun because it can cause part of your skin that respond to sunlight to get "too dark" from all the exposure. Go for an SPF of 35 or higher.

Try Makeup:

If the area of dark skin is NOT ashy or dull looking then it might just be that you have two/multi toned skin (which some folks do have). In that case the answer is to wear makeup to even out your skin so it looks uniform.

If you want to do this I'd investigate mineral makeup. It's very light, doesn't look like you have anything on and it will even you up beautifully.

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