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How To Clear My Acne Blackheads and Spots

by Theresa Afolayan
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Question: How To Clear My Acne Blackheads and Spots

Hello, I've been battling with pimples for many years now which is leading to scars on my face. It's terrible can you pleas help me? I need to know the products I can buy in Nigeria to get a clear and smooth face again. Thank you.

Camille's Answer:

Hi Theresa, first of all you are a very beautiful woman. Don't let your skin get you down. It can improve and get better.

I always recommend a more natural approach to skin care over using products that are filled with chemicals that can damaged your skin over time.

I don't know which products you have access to in Nigeria so I can only suggest that you look out for natural black soap and organic Shea butter.

Also, be careful with your diet and health in general. Acne in adults happens a lot of the time because of a hormonal imbalance cause by stress and a diet that doesn't support skin health.

Drink lots of water, focus on fruits and vegetables and if all else fails visit a skin specialist to see if there's an underlying problem that won't be solved with just following a good skin care regimen.

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Me Again...
by: theresa

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your response. I'll surely put your advice to test and I'll get back to you. xoxo

Camille's Comment:

You're welcome! :)

To Theresa on Clearing Acne Blackheads and Spots
by: MsTakaboo


My skin looks just like yours. I am about one or two shades lighter than you and to me all of the spots makes my face look dirty. I am going to try the black soap or Shea butter. Please write back and let me know how it worked for you.

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