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How To Clean Hair Brushes And Combs

by Monica
(Charlotte N.C . U.S.A)

Q: I notice before it's time to wash my hair there are some build up in my combs and hair brushes. What is the proper way to clean them? I've been told to run them under hot water, but that takes to long.

A: To get your brushes and combs clean is going to take a few minutes of your time.

Step 1 - Comb through the bristles of your brush until all the clumps of hair are out.

Step 2 - Take the hair out of the comb and throw it away.

Step 3 - Fill a sink with hot water and a add a little shampoo to make a little "bath" for your comb and brush.

Step 4 - Put the comb and brush into the water and work them around rubbing the bristles to loosen up the gunk that's in them. (If you see the water turn colors you know just how dirty the hair tools were).

Step 5 - After a minute or so turn on warm tap water and rise the comb and brush underneath it until the water runs clear.

Step 6 - Check the comb and brush for any remaining grime and gunk. If you see any, take a cotton bud and run it between the areas to get rid of the problem.

Step 7 - Rinse one more time.

Step 8 - Place your comb and brush on a clean towel to dry.

Hope this helps.

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