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How To Choose Shampoo And Conditioner

Q: I have never really focused on my hair until recently.

It used to grow a lot but I don't know what happened and it fell out.

I need help deciding what shampoo and conditioner to use to help my hair grow back. I love peppermint and tea tree oil.

A: The most important thing that a shampoo and conditioner for black hair should do is provide moisture.

If your hair needs specific treatments you can always add those later on but there has to be a good foundation first.

It might be a while before you find your perfect match or you might get lucky and find something you like right away.

You didn't say whether your hair is relaxed or natural so I don't know what to suggest for you.

A tip I will give you though is not to buy a shampoo because of how it smells, but for what it does to your hair.

Last but not least, sample packets are your best friend when you're looking for new products. Be sure to grab as many of the samples and trial sizes as you can and try them before you spend money on one for good.

If you really love the tea tree scent and feeling, you can add a few drops of the essential oil to your shampoo and conditioner before you use it.

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