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How To Blend Body And Face Color?

by Menim

A Picture Of Me

A Picture Of Me

Question: How To Blend Body And Face Color?

Hello, your site has been an inspiration!

Due to excess sun exposure I have a light body but a dark upper arm and face, and I find it quite annoying.

I'm curious to know how I can make my face and upper arm as light as the rest of my body.

Camille's Answers:

Hi Menim! First off I'd like to say I love your name and you are VERY beautiful!

Having a difference in color between face and body is a very common thing (I have it too) and as you say it's mainly caused by exposure to sunlight and the darkening effect this has on the parts that aren't covered by clothes.

There are two ways to even up your whole body.

1. Make the light parts darker.

This is the easy option and only requires that you head to the beach or poolside in your bikini and lay out for a while to deepen the shade of your body so it matches your face.

2. Make the dark areas lighter.

This part takes time, commitment and a few products.

The only way to make your face and arms as light as the rest of your body is to stay out of the sun as much as possible, wear sun screen and exfoliate the skin layers that are dark while preventing the new fresher cells from getting dark as well.

Here's what you need to do:

- Get sunscreen at any pharmacy or store. Use a high SPF of 35 or more and apply it daily.

- Stay out of the sun between 10am and 2pm and watch sun exposure in general. Wear long sleeves and hats if you can to cover your face and arms.

- Exfoliate your skin regularly using whatever method you choose. One of the best things to use for darker skin is lactic acid. It helps to even skin tone by removing dark areas and helps old skin cells to shed revealing lighter fresher looking skin.

- If you want to tone your entire body to one uniform shade you can try taking Oralight Whitening Pills. They contain bayberry extract, vitamin C and E which together are a powerful combination that prevents the production of melanin has the effect of lightening and evening skin tone over time. You might have to take 2-3 packs to get the full effect of skin evening.

After you get your skin to the evenness that you want, remember to keep the regimen up to prevent your exposed skin from getting darker and uneven again.

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