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How To Apply Eye Shadow For Black Women

Want tips on how to apply eye shadow? Do you know how to enhance your eyes with color?


If you've tried it before and didn't get the results you want, all you really need is some helpful tips to guide you.

Here are some basic tips on how to apply eye shadow that will get you started down the path to creating your own exciting eye makeup looks!

What You Need

Color Your Lids

  1. Start off by applying either your foundation or concealer to your lids to prime them for the eye shadow.

  2. Start from the lash line and go all the way up to the brow line.

  3. Use an eyebrow brush to apply the darkest shade of shadow on your eyelid going from the lash line to the crease.

Use a light hand when applying the shadow since it's much easier to add more than to remove too much!

Contour Your Crease

A dark shade of eye shadow should be applied to the crease to give your eyes depth and bring them out even more.

  1. You can either go slightly darker in the crease than on the lid, or the other way around depending on the finished effect and look you’re going for.

  2. A classic eye makeup look is light on the lid, dark on the crease and lightest on the highlight.

  3. The most important thing is to blend the colors you choose together so there's no hard line between each one.

Highlight Your Brow Bone

  1. Bring light into your eyes and brighten up your whole face by using a highlighting powder.

  2. Put highlighting powder on your brow bone. It opens up your eyes making them look bigger and brighter and defines the shape of your eyebrows even more.

  3. Stick to a light shade of eye shadow on this area and choose one that has a little shimmer in it to give a nicer effect than a flat (matte) color.

  4. Another way to use a highlighting powder is to use it to draw a v-shape on the inner corners of your eyes. This helps to make your eyes look brighter and less sleepy.

  5. Use a highlighting powder with a little color in it. Gold or a little iridescent shimmer looks a lot more natural than white, which leaves you looking like you fell into a flour bin!

How To Apply Eye Shadow Like A Pro

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