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How Long Does Hair Have To Be To Get Braided?

by DeShawn
(Omaha, NE)

Q: My daughter was on some medication that took her hair out.

I'm looking for easy options while it grows back but right now its too short to do anything.

A: I'm so sorry to hear about your daughters illness and I hope she's doing a lot better now.

It all depends on what kind of braided style you're thinking about and also the skill of the braider.

Usually braiders need and inch or two of natural hair to do individual braids.

If her hair is shorter than that I would take her to a barber or salon and get her a neat little afro. Let her wear a beautiful pair of earrings and rock it for a month or two.

By that time she'll have enough hair to get some braids put in and in no time her hair will be back in its full glory.

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