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How Do You Use Shea Butter For Facial Skin?

by Clara

Shea Butter For Black Skin Care

Shea Butter For Black Skin Care

How Do You Use Shea Butter For Facial Skin?


I would like to know how Shea butter is to be used on the face and if it can be used on the oily parts of my face.

My chin, forehead and nose are oily. Can I use Shea butter?

One more thing are we talking here about natural Shea butter. What do you mean when you talk about organic Shea butter?

Camille's Answer:

Hi Clara. You can definitely use Shea butter on oily skin! To put it nicely, my own face is a grease bucket by nature.

I use pure Shea butter to moisturize and have no issues with excess oil. I think she secret to that is using black soap first to wash my face.

When you use them together black soap and organic Shea butter are an awesome skin saving combination.

Just use a little bit of it in your hand warm it in your palms to make it spreadable then put it all over your face.

If you feel better, focus on the drier areas of your face and less on your usual oily parts.

What's Organic Shea Butter?

When I say organic Shea butter I do mean raw, real, natural, pure Shea butter.

If it's been processed and watered down it's not organic Shea butter. What you're looking for is the rich colored yellow Shea butter.

Check out the picture I posted at the top of the page.

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Can I Apply Makeup On My Face After Using Shea Butter?
by: khadijah

The popular Shea butter found in u.s stores are yellow, I'm from Africa and I'm more familiar with the white one.

What's the difference and which one is better? I know the white one is 100% pure with nothing added.

I'm also worried if I can actually use powder, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow and other make-up after applying Shea butter on my face.

Camille's Answer:

Hey Khadijah! For our purposes here, as long as the Shea butter is natural with nothing added it can be used, whether it's yellow or white. They are both as good.

You can definitely use makeup and Shea butter at the same time. The key is not to use too much Shea, and wait a minute or two for it to penetrate your skin before you apply the makeup.

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