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How Do You Treat Dark Rings Under The Eyes?

by Octavia
(Smyrna, GA)

How Do You Treat Dark Rings Under The Eyes?

Camille's Answer:

Hi Octavia. You have a simple question, but it requires a not so simple answer!

The best way to treat under eye circles depends on what the cause of your under eye circles is.

Allergies, lack of sleep, smoking, stress, poor diet and/or heredity can cause dark circles.

You can do something about them for all except the last.

I don't know which of the possible causes relates to your particular dark circles so I will leave these tips...

If you smoke - quit.
If you're tired - sleep.
If you're stressed - try to relax.
If your diet isn't good - improve it (eat more natural foods and take a daily vitamin)
If you have allergies - get an air purifier and get rid of what's irritating your eyes.

If your family tends to have dark circles and there's no other traceable cause for them, get yourself a good makeup concealer and learn how to apply it so it looks natural.

Last but not least, drink a lot of water everyday. Sometimes it's just a case of dehydration.

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