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How Do You Smooth Out Rough Skin

by Jamila

How do you smooth out rough skin?


Am 28 years old and I have oily rough skin with pimples, acne and dark marks. What kind of products can I use to get rid of this?

Camille's Answer:

Rough skin is a side effect of one major thing which is skin cells not turning over or exfoliating as fast as they should. That's the biggest reason for acne, dark marks lingering for a long time and the uneven texture you're talking about.

Use products that will help your skin to shed it's top layer quickly without leaving it raw.

You might want to try exfoliating scrubs or a light salicylic peel a few times a week.

I love and use black soap and Shea butter to care for my skin on a daily basis because the over the counter cleansers tend to dry skin out and not do much for acne and spots.

Stay away from bleaching creams to fade dark spot and stick to hydroxy acids and light peels to help skin shed.

Drinking a lot of water and eating plenty of fruits and veggies won't hurt either!

Hope this helps.

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