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How Do You Make Your Hair Have A Lot Of Body

by Jakie
(Garland, TX)

Keracare Foam Wrap Set Lotion

Keracare Foam Wrap Set Lotion

I want to know how to make my hair have a lot of body.

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Try roller setting and setting lotion.
by: Camille

Hi Jackie!

Hair with body is a beautiful thing, but if you weren’t born with hair like Oprah there’s a lot you can do to get it.

To build body into your hair you have to do two things.

1. Use products that encourage thickness and body into your hair like setting foams.
2. Use styling techniques to mold body into it.

When you want body you should be thinking curls, waves and roller sets in general. Even if you want your hair to look straight, using setting foam and roller setting will give your hair some extra oomph.

For even more body use smaller rollers and fluff your hair out with your fingers. For even more body do things like flexi rod sets , braid outs and twist outs where you can keep separating the curls until you get the amount of body you want.

My top 3 picks for setting foams:

- Motions Foam Wrap Setting Lotion
- Kera Care Foam Setting Lotion
- Lottabody Wrappin’ n Tappin’ Lotion

Keeping the dead dry ends off of your hair ends will give it more life and body as well since it won't be weighed down.

Setting Lotions And Dry Hair
by: Anonymous

Why do setting lotions and setting wraps dry my hair?

Camille's Comments:

Sometimes the ingredients in setting and wrap lotions are drying to the hair. That's why it's very important to condition your hair very well before you use them and also use a good moisturizing leave in along with a setting lotion.

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