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How do I use my hair peices?

by Rhonda Cannon
(Havana, Fl USA)

Q: I'm not a black woman, but I recently bought a twin pony braid, a body twist 12", and a 4 piece layer weave. I don't know how to apply them.Do you know of a web site I can pull up that will give me step by step instructions on how to use them.

Pictures would be helpful also.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

Rhonda Cannon

A: Hi there. I know I call this place "Black Women Beauty Central" but in truth I'm here for all the women of the world who want to learn little tips and tricks for how to take care of themselves and get the look they want.

I honestly can't say I know of a website that offers tutorials with pictures at the moment.

I'm working on making some wonderful things for this site but they won't be out for a few more months. You can learn how to apply the ponytail weave on this page:

You can also check out and type in ponytail weave and anything else you're looking for and possibly there will be tutorials there about it.

I am definitely working on getting these types of tutorials on the site though and will be announcing when they are ready through my Black Beauty Buzz! ezine.

Thank you for joining us and you and all your friends are more than welcome to join us whenever you want!

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