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How do I style a weave?

by Pauline
(Tifton, Georgia)

How do I style my hair while bonding in tracks?

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Not exactly sure what you're asking?
by: Camille

Hi Pauline,

I'm not totally clear on what you're asking.

Do you want to know how to glue in the track or do you want to know how to style your hair after the tracks are in?

If you want to learn how to glue in tracks look for the tutorial in the "black hair weaves section"

If you want to know how to style bonded weave, it's really just the same as would with your own hair.

You can flat iron it, curl it, wear updos and do whatever else you would with normal hair (that's the whole point of getting the weave right?).

The one thing I'd tell you to watch out for is how you position the tracks.

We've all seen the girl with her track hanging out the side of her head or when the wind blows it's right there grinning at you.

If you like wearing your hair in a high ponytail or if you want to make a certain part in the hair make sure you think about all that BEFORE you glue in the tracks so you have less chance of them showing.

by: Deborah

I want to know how to put a part on the side of my head when putting weave in.

decide what your looking to do first....
by: porsche

before putting the weave in just think which style am i going 4? for any type of parting hair style just make the part big enough to cover the weave on both sides of the tracks so it can look just as real.

Glue In Weaves And Ponytails
by: Anonymous

How can I wear my hair in a high ponytail with a glue in weave? It always seems hard to me to put it up with out it looking unnatural.

Camille's Answer:

You're right. It's not going to be easy to make a high ponytail with glued or sewn in in weave.

Track hair is meant to lay against the scalp and of course when you lift it up to put it into a high ponytail the tracks lift and look "lumpy", (very embarrassing).

You aren't going to be able to get a smooth base for your ponytail unless it's glued in or sewn in in a way that you won't be able to see the tracks.

I'd stick to wearing a low ponytail. Next time you take them out try doing a weave ponytail with these methods.

Something New
by: Anonymous

Trying to ask if there are any nice looking styles for sew in weave other than just the long with no body.

Camille's Comment:

Truth be told after the basic sew in weave is done any almost style you could do on real hair can be done with the weave hair! The only limitation is your imagination.

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