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How Do I Pick The Right Foundation

by Andriaka
(Greenville, SC)

Question: How Do I Pick The Right Foundation

I have dark skin and don't know what kind of foundation to use and also what is the best brand?

Camille's Answers:

Hi Andriaka!Here are the general rules for choosing foundation.

1. Chose a foundation based on your skin type.

Dry skin - Use a creamy foundation.
Oily skin - Use a liquid water based foundation.

2. Visit a makeup counter or order samples with at least 5 different shades in the range of your skin tone.

- Look for shades with yellow undertones since those suit most skin tones best.

3. Try the colors in your jawline.

- Dot or smudge each color on your jawline side by side.

- Go to the most natural light you can find and see which color seems to "disappear" into your skin. That is your perfect match!

- If you find no match in the first set of colors try 5 more until you do find a match.

Tip: Sometimes mixing two colors is what you need to do to get your perfect shade.

As for the best brands, check out this page for more info!

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