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How Do I Moisturize The Ends Of My Hair?

by Angela

Q: I've recently started a hair regimen with aphogee, creme of nature, keracare, ORS and some other products.

I can see some improvement in my hair, but my hair ends are dry.

I have a neck length hair, relaxed and colored with rainbow crazy color.

What I do in the night is I try to massage the hair with ORS carrot oil and seal the ends with a mixture of olive oil and doo grow mega thick oil and then wrap the hair.

I'm thinking of relaxing the whole hair on my next relaxer day.( I'm stretching the hair till the 8th week) thanks for your help.

A: Hi Angela! Right away I can tell you what your problem is. Doing two chemical processes at the same time is a guaranteed way to make sure that your hair is dry and that you'll also have to battle with breakage and damage over time.

The general rule is if you relax don't color, and if you color don't relax. Of course some people can get away with doing both but usually it's rare.

It sounds like you're doing a good job with sealing your ends with the oils. Are you doing heavy duty moisturizing deep conditioning treatments with heat?

You could seal your ends from now till kingdom come, but if those ends are moisturized properly with a good wash and condition all you are really doing is putting oil over dry ends which does nothing but make your hair greasy.

One last but major thing....never EVER relax all of your hair!

The only part of your hair that should be relaxed when you get a touch up is the roots. I know the ends might seem raggedy but after you get the roots straightened the whole thing will just fall into place.

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