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How Do I Make My Hair Healthy Again?

by J'auna
(Brandon, MS)

Q: Lately my hair has started to break off and have split ends.

I have medium length thick hair and I've struggled with hair breakage in the past where it was really bad.

I want to stop it this time before it gets back to where it was.

I've been trying everything such as conditioners, hot oil treatments with extra virgin olive oil, and supposedly good perms.

What should I do to make my hair grow long and healthy?

Please help me!

A: Hi. From what I can see in this picture your hair looks great.

Can you tell me some of the following things?

- How often do you use hot tools like flat irons and blow dryers in your hair?
- How often do you do protein conditioners?
- How do you usually wear your hair everyday?
- Do you sleep with a silk or satin scarf on your head when you go to bed at night?

If you answer some of these questions we can get into the real issues and see where we can make some improvements.

Also, join our online community here and let me know.

Over time I'll also be giving out great tips about how you can make your hair very healthy, which in turn helps it to grow longer!

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