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How Do I Maintain My Relaxed Hair

by Jane

Q: My hair is quite weak when its relaxed and breaks. I was wondering, how I can maintain and make my hair stronger and longer after its relaxed?

A: Hi Jane. You ask a simple but very important question.

The very act of getting your hair relaxed weakens the fibers of the hair and to really take have it look healthy you'll have to go on a serious conditioning regimen.

To make you hair the strongest it can be you have to have a balance between moisture and strength.

Strength to stand up to the chemicals and natural wear and tear, and moisture to make your hair less likely to dry out which causes breakage.

There's a lot that goes into having healthy relaxed hair and I've summed everything up on these three pages.

Check them out, use the tips and I promise you'll watch your hair transform right before your eyes.

Tips For Relaxed Hair
How To Keep You Hair Healthy
Help For Damaged Hair

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