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How do I maintain a weave ponytail hairstyle?

Q: Can you still wash and condition relaxed hair every week with a weave ponytail in it to stay healthy? or do I just spray it, tie it up at night and go?

A: You hit the nail right on the head with both your statements.

The beauty about weave ponytails is that they are so easy to do that you can take them down once a week to wash and condition your hair and put it right back in if you want.

To maintain it day to day you just need to wind the "tail" around the base so it forms a bun and pin it with one pin for security, then tie your silk or satin scarf (which every black woman should own) around your head.

If your hair is really smooth and it keeps sliding off use an old stocking for a cap and put that over the satin tie head.

In the morning you can use a little hair gloss and smooth it over the base of your style and use s soft hair brush to coax any stray hair into place then remove the pin from the bun and either use your hands or a large tooth comb to style the length and you're good to go!

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