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How Do I Know If Its 'Dead' Hair?

by N. Diva
(Atlanta, GA)

Q: I have natural hair and I wear weaves. The part of my hair that is left out I flat iron maybe once a week. But when I take my weave out and wash my hair the part that I flat ironed doesn't curl back up. It stays straight even through washing and conditioning.

I had a hair stylist tell me the hair is dead and needs to be cut off. Is this true and IF the hair is 'dead' is there anyway of bringing it back to life?

A: Hi N. Diva. There's a lot of truth to what you're stylist is telling you.

Once your hair grows out of your scalps roots it's technically already "dead" but sometimes, be it through the use of a lot of chemicals or heat styling, the hair reaches a point where it no longer responds to anything and it's basically just "there" but without any "life" to it.

If you've tried deep conditioning the hair with a heat activated conditioner and it doesn't cause the section to revert to the same texture as the rest of your hair then yes it does seem that that section is done for.

There's nothing you will be able to do to get the section to re-curl if it's that far gone and you will have to gradually trim away the ends as they grow out and take care not to let the section get like that again.

All that said, I wouldn't do what your stylists suggests and cut that section off completely all at once because you'll be left with a big ole bald spot!

Hope this helps and one more tip. Make sure to deep condition your hair regularly and switch up the weave you use from time to time so it doesn't make you have to stress any particular section of your hair.

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