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How Do I Hide A Bald Spot

by Veronica
(Marion, S.C.)

How do I hide a bald spot on the crown of my head and what kind of hairpieces can I use?

The hair is very thin on the top of my head.

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Drawstring Ponytails and Quick Weave
by: Camille

Two things you can try to cover a thin spot is to brush your hair up in one (hiding the thin crown area very well) and then bun your hair and put a draw string pony tail over it.

This will give you a fuller look and keep the middle section of your hair hidden away.

Another great option for you is a quick weave, which effectively is a cap with the hair glued onto it like a weave would be to your own hair.

The benefit of this is being able to take the "weave" off any time you want and wash your hair underneath. You can also have a couple different ones made so you can switch your style up.

On last thing you can do is start wearing your hair in rod and curly sets and separating the curl to disguise the thin areas by making them look fuller.

Hair Growth On Crown
by: Anonymous

Weaving makes my hair grow, but it is long not and thick. It's also thin on the crown. What can I do to help this?

Camille's Answer:

If your hair is not naturally thick there's nothing you can do to make it thicker other than style it to make the most of your texture and/or add hair for fullness.

If your weave is put in incorrectly, worn too long or removed the wrong way it can cause breakage that will thin your hair out.

The answer to this is to make sure the person who does your weave knows that you're doing it to encourage growth.

That means no glue, not tight weave, no leaving it in forever or damaging your hair when it's time to take down.

Make sure you keep your hair under the weave moisturized and massage the areas that tend to get thin with Castor oil.

One last thing is to change up the way you wear the weave from time to time so that you don't constantly stress one part of your head.

Also, give your hair a break from weaving all together and don't do them back to back.

Hope this helps!

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