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How Do I Get My Hair To Grow?

by Lauren-Mia

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Question: How Do I Get My Hair To Grow?

I once had thick healthy natural hair. Over the past year however my hair has thinned considerably.

What hair routine do you recommend so as to get maximum growth and what do you suggest for bald spots that once had hair?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks and much love.

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Tips for now...stay tuned for the free report
by: Camille

A:Hi Lauren-Mia!

Girl I remember once when my hair went from full and thick to thin and scraggly in the space of a year.

What caused it?...Stress!

These are the main causes for hair thinning.
- Harsh chemicals that break down the hair
- Rough handling (too much combing and brushing)
- Not enough conditioning (both protein and moisture)
- Hormones fluctuating

Do you have any idea what’s causing your thinning?

You’re natural so I know it’s not chemical related. Depending on what caused the thinning the best treatment is different.

Regardless, the best way to get your hair back on track and encourage growth is to start a regimen that both reinforces and revitalizes your hair.
Here’s how you do that in a nutshell.

1. Wash with a gentle moisturizing shampoo once or twice a week and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment that you use under a bonnet dryer.

2. Using a good protein conditioner once every 4-6 weeks is also very important to put the strength back into your hair.

3. Try not to mess with your hair more than you have to because every time you do that’s another chance for some of it to come out.

4. If you don’t have one already, invest in a good wide tooth bone comb.

5. Wear protective styles that keep your hair up and out of the hair or non-combing styles as much as possible.

This list could go on forever (there’s so much to tell!) so I’ll stop there and let you know that I’m sending out a free download of my report on hair growth that will show you everything you need to know about how to get your hair growth to its full potential.

It’s going to be in the next issue of Black Beauty Buzz, so if you haven’t already, opt in!

For your bald spots I recommend the one thing I always do. Do a daily massage on the bald patches with warm organic Castor oil and stay away from all things that could stress your hairline.

If it’s starting to look crazy and you want to smooth it out use a little light hold gel and tie it down with a silk scarf.

Remember to use the comments feature to let me know exactly what caused your hair thinning if you know.

by: Anonymous

Perm caused my sides of my hair to fall out the only styles i could get is sew ins and zillions but i think zillions make my hair fall out

Bald spots in the back of my head
by: Leona

I started wearing a fall wig piece and the comb in the back wore my hair away into bald spots now It has gotten worst. I was also wearing a wrap band when I wrapped my hair Night. I think this rubbing has made it worst.

Will my hair grow back?

Camille's Answer:

Hi Leona,

As long as the roots of your hair aren't permanently damaged, you stop doing the things that thinned your hair out in the first place, take care of your hair and eat a balanced diet your hair will grow back in over time.

be very careful in the future and the moment you notice something is having a negative effect on your hair STOP using it.

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