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How Do I Define My Natural Curls

Q: I have naturally curly/wavy hair. Is there anything I can use to define the curls without leaving my sticky, stiff and having that heavy feeling. I also need something that moisturizes well.

A: The key to keeping curls locked in place is using the right product and styling methods.

You have to use something that's going to shape and mold your curls and keep them there for the whole day. My favourite thing to do that is curl defining mousse (Smooth n Shine is a good brand).

After you wash your hair it's very important to hold your head back and let the water run through it so your curls and waves get smoothed out.

You should never ever towel dry or comb your hair when it's drying because the curls will be distrubed and lose their shape.

What you should do is apply your products by sqeezing them into the hair gently when it's still dripping wet.

Then allow it to dry just like that without combing, brushing or harrasing it in any way.

If you're short on time use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and it will maintain the curls but dry your hair much faster.

Hope this helps!

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