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How Can I Start My Makeup Business?

Q: I am learning makeup presently and want to go professional.

Please I need advice on how to start like what and what to get as tools and products. I am a black woman and going to be making up black people.


A: Hi there. Congrats on getting certified in makeup artistry. It's a wonderful field to work in and it's very rewarding to transform women in the the best they can be.

Once you've completed your training the best place to start would be to invest in a good quality set of makeup brushes.

If you have a good set it will be the last one you'll ever buy.

The next step is to experiment with all the makeup you can get your hands on.

- Foundations
- Concealers
- Blushes
- Palettes
- Glosses
- Mascara
- Liners

I'd also invest some time and money into getting a portfolio done. Get some of your family and friends to "model" for you. Give them make overs and do before and after pictures to show examples of your work.

Also, get a few business cards printed to hand out to people as you get jobs going along.

If you're interested in selling your own makeup, you can either develop products yourself or go the simpler route and look for a product that you like that someone is already making and get private label rights to it.

That way you can resell the products with your own branding.

Hope this helps.

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