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How Can I See More Hair Growth?

Question: How Can I See More Hair Growth?

I am a woman who has ethnic hair that doesn't seem to grow at all. Its very curly, wavy and frizzy. Any ideas on how I can get it to grow longer with out any hair extensions or weaves?

I've tried them and they pulled some of my hair out leaving it shorter than it was before.

Camille's Answer:

The last thing you should be doing if you want your own hair to be longer is become dependent on weaves and hair extensions to make it happen.

The secret to getting long hair is figuring how to get and keep your hair healthy. Once you've got that part down, the length is just a matter of time.

The keys to seeing length increase is getting your hair to grow at it's optimal rate and retaining what does grow with a healthy regimen.

Hair vitamins like Viviscal and Hair Formula 37 can help increase the rate and quality of your hair growth and following a guide like Secrets to Black Hair Growth helps to learn everything you should know about healthy Black hair growth and damage prevention.

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