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How Can I Make My Two Toned Skin Look Even?

by Linda
(Lancaster, PA)

Q: My skin is two toned and I want it to look smooth but, how?

A: Hi Linda. It's not unusual to have more than one skin tone on your face.

The trick to getting your skin to look even and flawless is using a shade that matches the darker shade in your skin.

Now if you have dark marks that doesn't count. What you are really trying to do is blend the two tones of skin so that they look uniform all over you face.

If you tried to go with the lighter shade you'll end up looking like Casper the friendly ghost and if you tried to go too dark you'll look like you're wearing "black face". It's important to strike a balance.

If you do have any dark marks use a concealer to cover them up (or pat your same foundation over the spots and blend until it looks seamless).

You should probably invest in a makeup primer too. This is a moisturizer type product that you smooth onto your skin before you apply your foundation. It act as a filler that soothes out the texture of the skin so the makeup goes on better than usual (also makes it last longer and prevents fading).

Hope this helps!

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