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How can I make my face look smooth and have a glow?

by Dana
(Shacklefords, VA)

Q: My face has some spots and look dry I am getting married in a couple of days and I am wondering who has the best make up for dry skin?

A: Sorry for taking so long to get to this question (there are so many!). Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

The best thing you can do to smooth out your skin for your wedding day makeup is to find an oil free moisturizer to put on your skin before you start applying any foundation.

The next step is to use a makeup primer that you can pick up in any department store.

This helps to even out your skin and make the texture more even in preparation for the actual foundation.

The best type of foundation for black skin that is also dry is creme foundation. The creme to powder type is best because it goes on smoothly and dries to a soft focus matte finish that is perfect for a fresh look.

Just make sure that you get your color matched and go outside in the daylight to make sure that the makeup seems to "disappear" when you put it on.

The goals is not to look like you have a mask on, but just to be a better version of your already beautiful self!

If you can, please go to the nearest makeup counter in a department store, tell them you're getting married and you want a "try it before you buy it" mini makeover.

They will help you figure out what exact types of products are best for you and you might even find something you really love.

All the best on your special day!

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