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How can I make my eyes look bigger?

by Mari
(Chattanooga, TN)

Q: Hi, I'm 15 and school is coming around again. I want to learn some new makeup tips and I need to know how to make my eyes look bigger.....any tips?

A: Hi Mari. You are a beautiful young lady and I can see that you have one thing right already.

Two of the most important things to having great looking eyes and also helping them look bigger are to have neat eyebrows and also to highlight and brighten up the area around your eyes drawing attention to them.

You'll need to fill in the ends of your eyebrows with either a pencil or brow powder and a brush to get your ideal brow shape.

Check this page for tips:

The next step is to use a highlighting powder right on your brow bone. This should be a light shimmery shade of powder that will illuminate the area and brighten up your eyes.

Another tip is to use a white liner on the inside of your lower lash line. It makes the white of your eyes look brighter and will really light up your face.

The last thing you can do to really make your eyes "pop" is to wear mascara. Go for the thickening and lengthening type and apply two coats to both your upper and lower lashes.

Keep your lips neutral with either a clear gloss or one with a color very close to your natural lip color.

Go back to school holding your head high girl! All the best.

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