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How Can I Make Everything Better?

by Natalia

Q: I Have never been a girly girl but now that im about to be twenty and put on a little weight I really want a different look beauty wise.

I Want to feel like a woman!

Please suggest a hairstyle, color and makeup for my face. But please keep in mind that I'm a very natural girl.

Help please, my husband and I would love a new me.

A: Hey girl. I can understand you wanting to take on a new look since you're about to enter your 20's.

Can I just start by saying that you're really nice looking already so it won't take too much for you to take it to another level.

Do you mind tell me exactly what you're doing to yourself now in terms of hair and stuff in the hair Q & A section so I can talk to you more about that there.

In terms of your makeup look I can clearly see that with your undertones you have the perfect canvas for the "bronze goddess" look.

You already have it in my opinion, but to bring it out more all you need to do is use a little cover up under your eyes to hide any darkness, then dust the rest of your face lightly with a loose or mineral powder (you have no need for foundation from what I see).

Use shades of gold, bronze, browns on your eyes (very lightly), use regular powder bronzer on the apples of your cheeks to bring out the color, then finish off with a nude lip gloss.

Check out these pages for some more tips:

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That will give you a polished look with what you already have.

You're gorgeous girl. I'm sure your husband knows he's very lucky!

Remember to talk to me about the hair in that section. I'll be looking out for you.

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