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How Can I Get Pretty Skin?

by Shayna
(Katy, Texas)

Question: How Can I Get Pretty Skin?

This is my first time visiting and I love the site so far. I'm sorry in advance if I repeat a previous question.

I am a black 21yr. old female and my face is hideous!

1. I have BAD under eye puffiness and sinus/allergy issues.

2. I have trouble with acne and at times, I will have a breakout where the bumps are in big clusters.

3. I have A LOT OF UGLY BLACK MARKS on my face from the acne scars. Some skin lightening products lighten my skin but not really the marks, thus producing light patches.

4. I have SUPER DUPER OILY/COMBINATION SKIN. It's really oily in most areas but sensitive and dry in others.

5. I have TONS of blackheads!

6. My face is TOTALLY DARKER than my neck, chest, and arms.

The only time I feel somewhat decent is when I have on makeup, but because I am also still struggling to find the right makeup too, this somewhat decent feeling only lasts for a little while.

ANY help or advice AT ALL, whatsoever, would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. My face has taken away from my self-esteem so much although I try to hide it from others. My face is such an emotional and touchy topic for me and sometimes people who are close to you don't understand or make it better because they don't suffer like I do.

I've spent hundreds of dollars over my short lifetime and I'm just plain TIRED! I want to not only be pretty on the inside, but I want to feel and look pretty on the outside.

Thanks again!

Camille's Answer:

Shanya, your post really touched me. I know what it feels like to have skin issues.

Before I get into any details I want to let you know that you are beautiful. I don't even have to see you to know this, also look at the problems you're having with your skin as something that will pass and not something that is permanent.

Stress is a BIG factor in acne and skin health in general.

I'm going to make
comments in the same style you asked the questions to make it easier to follow.

1. This one is pretty simple. If you know or can find out what your allergy triggers are you can stay away from them and that will help or completely eliminate any puffiness or darkness associated with it.

2. A lot of people don't know that if you have acne you have it and it never really goes away. It can be controlled, but once the right conditions are present it will come back.

That said, you have to realize that even if you become completely clear you'll get a breakout every now and again and that's perfectly normal.

3. Dark marks are probably the worst part of having acne on black skin. Instead of focusing on lightening the marks, try focusing on gentle exfoliation (to remove the over-pigmented skin layers) and prevention instead.

It's much easier to keep the spots away by not picking and squeezing your skin than to do it and then have to spend 6-12 months or longer fighting the discolorations.

4 and 5. Balancing out your skin is really important to getting it clear.

This might seem a big strange if you've never done it before, but I think you could benefit from the oil cleansing method.

My skin is just like yours, combination but leaning more to oily and I battle blackhead more than actual pimples.

Oil cleansing works wonders for my skin and over time helps the blackheads loosen and come out with very little effort on my part (as in no squeezing).

6. You can continue to use the skin lightening treatments and also wear a very high SPF to keep your face the same color as your body.

You can have the great skin you want but it's going to take time an effort in doing the right things.

You're right though, the makeup will only make you feel a little better, because ultimately great makeup is about great skin.

By the way My monthly skin care costs me about $2-3 and my skin looks great so it can be done on the cheap!

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by: Shayna

Thank you so much Camille! Not only for the advice, but also your words of encouragement. I am so eager to try the oil cleansing method and let you know my results. It makes perfect sense though. We do our best to strip the oil and in return, our face produces more oil to try and restore the moisture balance. Thanks again!

Camille's Comments:

You're welcome Shayna! Anything I can do to help. I am eager to find out your results with oil cleansing.

Try doing it for a few weeks with olive oil and Castor oil mix and then try it with Grapeseed oil and Castor oil. Some people with oily find that because the Grapeseed is lighter they like it better.

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