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Hot Combing Permed Hair?

by Crystal Phipps
(Brooklyn, New York)

Q: I haven't permed my hair since may and I want to hot comb it, can I? I really need help on what to do so please let me know!

A: First I'd like to know why you want to hot comb your hair when you're due for a perm?

Regardless you can press the roots of your hair to extend the time between relaxers if you condition your hair properly and also use a very gentle technique and heat setting on the iron.

The keys are to make your hair as flexible as possible by super hydrating it and also making sure to not overheat it with the iron.

If you use a heat protector that has silicone's in it it may help to relax your hair more.

My advice to you would be for you to get a touch up soon though because pressing relaxed roots should be done on an emergency basis and not as and every day thing!

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