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Help With Thin Breaking Hair

by Camille
(Waterbury, CT)

Q: I have a 12 year old daughter and her hair is thin. It is breaking off in the back, and on both sides of her head.

I took her to the salon to cut it. I don't know what I should do with her hair. Should I keep it relaxed or make it natural.

Help me please.

A: Can you please tell me exactly what you are doing with your daughters hair now?

1. Are you getting it relaxed?
2. What products are you using?
3. What kind of regimen is she on (how often does she wash, condition).
4. What is your trimming schedule like?
5. How does she wear her hair every day?

These questions are all very important and will help to zone in on the problems with her hair.

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Help Me With Thin Breaking Hair
by: Anonymous

Help Me With Thin Breaking Hair

I am from Ethiopia. Ever since I came to US I have been trying different types of shampoos and conditioner from over the counter.

Nothing works for me, one time Pantine worked for a while then my hair got damaged. My hair is soft, but when I wash it, it looks puffy and breaks a lot. Please help.

Camille's Answer:

In order for me to help you you're going to have to tell me a lot more about your hair.

1. Is it relaxed or natural?
2. How often are you washing?
3. Do you do your hair yourself or at a salon?
4. Do you use blow dryers and curling irons in your hair?
5. If you're relaxed, how often are you getting your hair processed?

And a whole lot more.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's probably not the products you are using that is ruining your hair, but poor daily hair care habits.

Here's a suggestion.

Please read this section of the website...

Then join our new online community here.

Write more about the problems that are happening with your hair, the products that you've tried and tell us more about what you usually do to you hair so we can do an overhaul of your regimen.

Texturizer caused damage
by: Priscilla

I used JFM Texturizer to losen up my daughters coils. The process was done twice. However, her hair end up greeting straight in some areas (back and front edges). Her hair has been damaged severely, causing about 4-5 inches of hair breakage, her hair has a light brown tint to it, and is still shedding after five months. It's also extremely dry even after using leave in moisturizing conditions and a Shea Moisutre Masque treatment. What is the best solution to getting her hair healthy again. I considered braiding, but I think the hair is too weak. What products are best to use right now. I hope some one can help. I feel horrible for doing this to her hair.

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