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Help With Micro Braid Hairstyles

by Mireya
(Sacramento, California, US)

Q: Why do some micro braid styles have a lot of scalp showing is that natural?

I've never had them but want to get them so I can get my hair to grow and still do styles.

My mom is VERY picky about who does my hair
so what guidelines should I follow, what kind of hair is best and what guidelines.

A: Hi Mireya. Sometimes yes, a lot of scalp shows with braided styles but it all depends on how much hair the person getting the braids has, how much hair is used to do the braids and also how the person wearing the braids wants the style done.

Before you get braids done at a salon I'd check out a few things:

1. Is the braider licensed?
2. Can you see examples of their work.
3. How do they charge for the braids? Per hours, by the braids, or flat rate.
4. Do they supply the hair or should you bring your own.

When it comes to the hair to use the choice is yours. Synthetic hair stands up to wear and tear longer and isn't as expensive. Human hair give a more natural look but of course is more expensive.

Look at magazines and try to find a style you like to bring along for your consultation. The qualified braider will be able to tell you what kind of hair and how much of it to get (within your budget).

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