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Help For Serious Hair Issues

by Kimberly
(Rochester, NY)

Q: I have really thin, and soft fine hair that's also natural.

I've never had a perm because I was afraid of what it might do to my hair as far as breakage.

Although my hair is pretty healthy because I get my ends clipped often and keep it moisturized, I can't do much with it because it gets frizzy easily.

I've been every where getting professional wraps and no matter what after a couple of day (sometime on the same day) it manage to frizz.

I usually keep my hair pinned up or put a piece in it.

I'm thinking about trying a perm. Is that a good idea and do I try like a kiddie relaxer or what?

Any suggestions? Please help.

A: Hi there. If you like wearing your hair in straight styles but find that frizz is always a major problem for you your best bet would be to get a relaxer and have your hair permanently straightened.

Some people get lucky with presses and their hair can stay smooth for long, but for others that's a no go.

With your thin and fine hair it's always going to be that much harder.

If you want to get a perm though, please go to a salon and have them analyze your hair type and select the right relaxer for you. Also have them apply it properly following all the instructions that come with the system.

Just remember that you're going to have to relearn everything about your hair after getting a relaxer, so think long and hard about whether or not you're ready to make the commitment.

If you just like the idea of having straight hair occasionally you can always get a full head weave.

Plenty of style without the commitment!

Think about is and let me know what you decide to do.

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