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Help For Long Dry Hair

by Meme
(Orlando FL)

Q: I am Haitian and Italian and my hair is long fried and dry and I don't know what to do with it. Please help.

A: Hi Meme. I'd love to help you. Can you please tell me what you have been doing to your hair for it to be dried out and damaged?

I need to know:

1. What your daily regimen is.
2. If your hair is natural or relaxed.
3. What products you're using.
4. How often you get your hair done professionally.

Please come back with the answers to these questions and we can start working on getting your hair back.

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Help For Medium Length Dry Hair
by: C.C

Q: Hi, well my hair is dry as well. But its because I got a perm done about two yrs ago and then a yr after I relaxed my hair at home. And well ever since then it hasn't grown and its very dry. What can I do?

Camille's Answer:

It sounds like the relaxer really did a number on your hair in terms of drying it out.

Believe me though, even if it doesn't seem like it, your hair is growing. It's probably just breaking off as much as it's growing so you're not seeing any length accumulate.

The answer is to stay away from the relaxers, get a good trim to get rid of any damaged ends, then get started with an intensive deep conditioning regimen.

Wash your hair once or twice a week with a moisturizing shampoo like Cream of Nature, then apply a rich and creamy moisturizing deep conditioner like Le Kair Cholesterol. To help it penetrate deeper put a plastic cap over then sit under a bonnet dryer for half an hour or just leave it in for a few hours.

After you wash it out use a good leave in conditioner and also a light oil to seal your ends.

Either air dry your hair or roller set and stay far away from the blow dryers and flat irons. They dry out your hair like crazy.

Do these things and your hair will look and feel much healthier and moisturized. In a month or two and you'll also start to see healthy growth.

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