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Help For Gray Hair Turing Green

Q: How do you keep gray hair from turning green when you get a perm.

A: Hi there. Many people like you have problems with their gray hair turning green as result of contact with chemicals (it happens with chlorine as well). It's just a natural reaction that happens sometimes and if you continue to get perms it's going to keep on happening.

That said you can do a rinse on your hair after watching with diluted vinegar (1 cup vinegar to a gallon of water) and this will help to remove residues left in your hair).

There's also a product called Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo
that works very well to take the chemicals and brassiness out of your hair (you know how sometimes grays can start to look "yellow" as well).

The product itself looks strange and is purple when you pour it out in your hand but it is VERY effective at keeping grays silver and shiny.

You have to follow the instructions very carefully and not leave it in too long or you'll end up with a blue haired old lady look going on. :)

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