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Help for fine thin and soft hair

by Clara

I have very fine, thin and soft hair. I know that washing too frequently is not a good thing, but it seems that washing my hair daily or at the very least every other day is the only way I can obtain any type of body, because it is so thin/fine.

I use lots of conditioner and deep conditioner, but I think the real problem is due to the heat that I need to use to style my hair after washing (blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron).

I've tried wrapping my hair, but because it is so soft, my results are not very good and I still end up having to use a lot of heat to try to "fluff" it up. Needless to say, I usually have a fair amount of breakage, mostly from split ends I think.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Wet sets will help a lot
by: Camille

Hi Clara,

You’re on the right track with using lots of conditioners in your hair because thick or thin our hair needs it.

I’m going to say it but I already think you know…the hot tools are a big no-no and over time it’s going to dry your hair out and really damage the whole thing.

There are a number of things you can do to build body into your hair.

1. Get all the dead ends trimmed off of your hair. Jagged ends that are lots of different lengths will only make your hair look thinner. A blunt cut automatically makes your hair look thicker.

2. Use light weight conditioners and serums that won’t weigh down your hair after you style it.

3. Do wet sets and rod sets. Believe it or not a roller set is one of the best things for putting body into the hair. Doing that along with using lightweight products will make your hair very fluffy and light.

If you do the rod and wet sets you won’t need to use the flat iron, curling iron or the blow dryer.

If you don’t have one I strongly suggest you invest in a good quality bonnet dryer to help your hair dry healthy and with body.

Try using one of the setting foams too rather than a lotion which tends to be heavier on the hair.

After you take the rollers out wrap the hair with a large paddle brush and secure it around your head with 3-4 large pins.

When you comb your hair out it’ll be fuller, thicker and over time it will get much healthier.

I have thin hair too
by: Cynthia

My hair is thin, soft and fine however I don't put heat in my hair and due to lack of styling options I've been wearing wigs, hair pieces and braids- the problem the braids this time have thinned out the front even more and aside from cutting my hair off and looking real masculine which I don't want I wanted to straw set my hair and see if that would work and was told because I don't have a perm it won't look right. I'm ready to wear my hair out if I can find a style that compliments me- the good news is I have a oval shaped face so short or long it always works

Hi Cynthia - Suggestions for you
by: Camille

It definitely sounds like the constant wearing of braids is wearing your hairline out. Taking a break is a good idea. Because your hair is fine and "light" doing a straw set might really not be the best thing because it's very labor and time intensive and tends to fall apart pretty quickly because it's such a structured style.

Have you ever tried a braid out? This style is pretty easy to do and involves doing medium to large sized braids all over your head with setting lotion and leave-in, putting a perm rod at the end and either air drying or sitting under a bonnet for an hour. After that you can pull the braids apart and fluff your hair out. You'll have a full head of crinkles and curls that will last up to a week if you don't get them wet.

You can find some more into on how to do them on this page.

How To Do A Braid Out

How offten should I wash my hair?
by: Nita

I use to wash my hair every weekend. My friends say I'm washing it to much. How often should I?

Camille's Answer:

Hi Nita. Every weekend is fine. As is once every two weeks. As is every day. It all depends on the person and what works for their hair.

I know that I can't go longer than a few days without washing my hair. My scalp itches, gets flaky and my hair gets very dry.

As long as you're doing your deep conditioning with every wash and air drying or using gentle heat, it's fine to wash as often as you want.

Check this for more info.

How To Wash Black Hair - Learn Shampooing And Conditioning Techniques

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