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Help For Breaking Damaged Hair

by Deysia
(Tulsa, OK United States)

Q: I went to live with my daddy and he was taking me to a shop to get my hair done. I haven't had a perm in 8 months and my hair was finally healthy and growing back.

Now I live with my mother and when I moved back I got a perm and now my hair is breaking off really badly. What should I do?

A: Hi there. It sounds as if your hair does better when you keep it natural rather than perming.

Your hair might be able to do well with a relaxer if you start doing the right things.

Can you please tell me what you do to your hair on an everyday basis, what products you use and how often you deep condition?

Please answer my questions as soon as you can and I'll help you stop your hair breakage.

- Camille

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breakage, brittle, fried ends. NEW
by: Rachel

So I started to go natural 6 months ago.
Everything was going well. Until a few weeks ago. My hair is breaking off badly. I think it's because after I co wanted three times a week. I would blow dry and then flat iron every time. I know heart is damaging.... But I don't live in Africa, so some heat is a must. Now I'm using homemade treatments and using lower heat... Going natural is tough

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