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Help For A Tangled Weave

by Ebony T.
(St. Louis, MO, US)

Q: I have a full head of sewn in weave. Dreamweaver 14" its some good hair. I'm constantly brushing or combing it to keep it from getting tangled.

What should I do to keep it from getting tangled all the time like what products can I use or is their something I should do?

A: Hi Ebony! If you're using a good quality hair the tangling in your weave is caused by dryness.

Use a spray on liquid hair oil like hot six lightly on your hair and make sure you sleep with a satin or silk scarf tied over your hair at night. The cotton pillow case will dry your hair our fast and make it matte up.

Also, if you're sitting on a chair, don't let your hair get caught between the back of your clothes and the chair. That will help to dry it out and bunch it up.

Once you get the moisture back in your weave, you'll still need to keep that brush in your bag and smooth it out every now and again!

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Matted Up Weave
by: Anonymous

Hi ladies. I have tree braids with some human loose wave hair. I washed it in warm water and now it's all matted up to my head and I cant get it untangled for nothing! How should I handle this? Please help. Thank you.

Camille's Comment:

You're going to need three things to get your hair detangled.

1. A comb with small teeth.
2. A bottle with watered down conditioner that has "slip" (makes hair easier to comb).
3. Tons of patience.

What you need to do is separate a small section of hair with your fingers and clip up the rest, then soak the section in the watered down conditioner. After you do that take the comb and starting from the ENDS of the hair start to comb it out gently. As you do this work your way slowly up to the where the braid starts closer to your scalp.

If you reach a knot that it very difficult work it with your fingers for a bit before you use the comb on it. You might have a better time if you ask a friend to help you out. If you have to do it on your own, pull up a chair, put on a good movie and take your time and work your way through the whole head.

Tangle Prevention

In the future here are some suggestions for keeping your hair tangle free after a wash.

- Braid your length into 3-4 sections and secure it at the ends before you wash.

- Shampoo your scalp and just allow the soapy water to run down the length of your braids.

- Always wash your hair in the shower with your back to the shower head and don't swirl your hair around your head. That encourages tangles like nobody's business.

Don't worry, your hair will be fine.

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