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Hair Repair After Deployment

by Tosha Philips
(Gardez, Afghanistan)

Q: I'm just returning from Afghanistan and I wore a bun for the whole year.

Yes...there is horrible breakage and the hair is weak.

What can I do to get healthy hair for once and all. I am currently wearing micro's with hopes of getting some length. Please help!

A: Hi Tosha. First and foremost I'd like to thank you for your service because if it wasn't for people like you our whole world would be in trouble.

That said, the braids are a great idea as long as they are not causing further damage because of the size or when you're taking them out.
You can continue to braid your hair to help it grow out healthy and strong, but the real key to having healthy hair is to keep it properly moisturized and conditioned.

Start of with a regimen of washing twice a week.

Use a heat activated protein conditioner on every 5th wash and use a heat activated moisturizing conditioner for every wash.

On protein days use the moisturizing conditioner after you wash out the protein.

Keep this up and your hair will have a new life in 6-12 months.

Also remember to trim off the split and damaged hair from your ends because they'll only get worse over time.

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