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Hair Problems During Pregnancy

by Jessica Roy
(New Orleans)

Q: My hair is dry and extremely fuzzy, I try not to get perms because of my pregnancy, but I still want the best hair care I can get for the cheapest that I can get it.

How can I have moisturized, bouncy, straight, healthy hair at the cheapest prices? I have to save money because of the upcoming baby who is also a girl.

Any tips on how to care for a child's hair?

A: Hey Jessica. Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! I know that's right that everybody's trying to save a dollar on hair care and everything else these days.

The secret to having great hair on a budget is to ONLY visit the salon for something you absolutely can't do at home like a chemical service (and you can do it at home if you know the right way).

Put the rest of your hairs care into your own hands. Learn how to wash, condition, roller set and wrap your hair (all tutorials you can find on this site) and do all of that yourself at home.

I guarantee your hair will get healthier and you'll save a ton of money over time.

I personally haven't been to a salon in over 2 years and when I used to go it was once every 3-4 months!

You can do it and it will make a big difference to your hair and pocket.

As for child hair care tips....I'll be adding a section special just for the kids in a little while so stay tuned for that.

We've got to keep the kids looking fly as well. :)

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