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Hair Pieces For Black Women


Looking for hair pieces for black women?

If you want to add some spice and variety to your hairstyles hairpieces are a great addition to your beauty "bag of tricks".

They completely change your look and take just a little effort to give whole lot of style.

Let's discuss two popular types of hair pieces, ponytails and wigs, and tips for choosing one that's right for you.

Ponytails are fun, easy to use and look great. That makes them some of the most common and popular hairpieces for black women. Nothing saves you from a bad hair day like a good ponytail!

To create a weave ponytail style you can either use weft extensions (hair on a track) with hair pins or a draw string ponytail (or "phony”-tail as my friends and I like to call it).

Both methods create gorgeous finished looks. Here are some things to consider for each one.

Drawstring Ponytails

Weft Extensions

Human Hair Wigs

Wigs have made a strong comeback and are very popular with women who like to look different every day. These hair pieces for black women come in a wide variety of colors, textures (human and synthetic) and lengths, so you'll always find one that will work for you.


How To Make Sure Your Hair Piece Looks Good

The best thing about hair pieces for black women is that you can try on as many as you have to until you find the right one.

More Advice On Hair Pieces For Black Women

Take your time when you look for the hair you want to use.

Don't be shy to take it out of the bag. Touch it, feel it and hold it up against your own hair to get the best color match. Go near a window for natural light if you need to!

Imagine your best friend pointing out (not so politely) that you're not fooling anybody because your roots are wavy black and your ponytail is bone straight and brown.


That's why this step is so important to pulling off the finished look.

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