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Hair Care And Daily Exercise

Q: I exercise 4-7 days per week. When I do exercise, I sweat to the point that the back of my head is dripping wet.

I have had a relaxer since being a young girl. In addition, I recently cut my shoulder-length hair short and now it does not even go past my the middle of my neck. I can't even where a ponytail now.

I was wondering what can I do to take care of my hair but maintain my exercise regimen?

A: You question is a very tricky one. We know that having a short hair cut (unless it's a teeny weenie afro) is a commitment onto itself to keep it looking sharp.

Add daily exercise to the equation and your have a predicament indeed.

The biggest issues with working out are:

1. Keeping a hairstyle.
2. Issues with the sweat residue in your hair.
3. Sweating out a perm.

I don't know how you normally wear your hair, but it sounds like anything that involves a lot of body, volume and precision curls is going to have to take a back seat for a while.

The key is getting the salty sweat residue out of your hair and scalp because over time it can cause your hair to get brittle and break off.

The answer hear is going to have to be to keep it simple when it comes to your hair styling routine.

If your hair is cut in the right shape you can do a sculpted/molded hair style after you wash/rinse your hair and let it dry like that. This means basically washing and conditioning your hair, then combing it back or making a part and combing it down, tying it and letting it dry that way.

Then if you want to add some shape into it you can blow it out lightly with a vent brush and bend the ends with a warm iron.

At the end of the day whatever you do is going to require a lot of work. A short relaxed hairstyle is never the easiest thing to deal with if you work out a lot.

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