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Good Relaxer For Frizzy Hair?

by Keisha

Q: I went through a rough time a few months back.

My hair was medium length with very long bangs and I had to cut it to the Halle Berry length, which is cute, but I want my hair to look healthy and strong like it once did. Right now it's very thin along my edges.

Which relaxer product do you think works best with humidity?

I work out a lot and it seems that I sweat out my relaxer quite fast.

A: I don't think there is a relaxer system that's designed specifically to address the needs of hair and humidity.

Your best bet is to get a consultation with a stylist who will examine your hair and tell you what strength relaxer you need and also recommend a brand for you.

That said, there's a line of hair products called "Porosity Control" that a lot of people with fine hair that gets frizzy easily say works wonders for them.

You can try to get your hands on some sample sizes and see how they work for you.

Check out this page for some tips on your thinning edges.

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