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Good Products For Natural Hair?

by Mae
(San Antonio, TX)

Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme

Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme

Q: What are some good hair products to use on natural type 4c hair that doesn't make it look like an Afro of the 70s...puffy!

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Some product suggestions
by: Camille

A: Hi Mae!

Girl, I know how it is to have puffy natural hair. Here's a short list of great products you can try and some tips.

The key to "deflating" natural hair puffiness is keeping it moisturized and giving it some kind of structure.

The way to do this is to use super moisturizing products in your hair and using good styling techniques that will build structure into your hair that it might not have on it's own.

The first one I recommend is Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme for a moisturizer. It's very thick, rich and moisturizing and will leave your hair feeling smooth and not frizzy.

That entire line of products is worth looking into if you want to do an overhaul of your product stash.

Some other options worth investigating...

- Oyin Handmade
- Naani
- My Honey Child
- Carols Daughter

Stick to the cremes and butters because these work best for really kinky hair.

You can get these products by visiting their websites or at Amazon.

Do styles like braid outs, twists and twist outs to put the structure back into your hair. They usually last a week when you do them on your hair so it'll save you time and having to mess with your hair everyday.

Check out the Hair Styles How To section of the site for instructions or just type it into the search box on the home page.

by: Mae49

Thank you, I will try the Curly Butter and let you know how it worked for me.

M.J.'s is good...also....
by: Anonymous

Also try Mixed Chicks deep conditioner. It makes my hair grow I swear. And tangles? Not a one!

Good Products
by: Mae49

where do you get Mixed Chicks conditioner from, can you buy from a store or only online?

You can get it online...
by: Camille

To the best of my knowledge mixed chicks is an online brand. Perhaps some salons carry it but it's probably going to be a hassle for you to hunt one down so I suggest you go and do a search for the places that sell it.

I'd check with Amazon (link below) or Ebay to get the best prices.


Fast Hair Growth Scalp Formula
by: Anonymous

I purchased a product on ebay call (lisa's) Fast Hair Growth Scalp Formula and I have had great result. 5oz 9.99 plus s/h My hair grew about 3/4 of an inch in less than a month and I have damaged hair.

Carols Daughter
by: Adrianne

Ive been using Carol's Daughter for over a year now..Im very pleased with the results. My hair is very healthy and smells great all the time. I recommend this product to everyone of all hair types!

Miss Jessie Don't Work For Me
by: Anonymous

I've been using Miss Jessie Products and they don't work at all for my natural thick 4C (Or whatever you call the highest pattern) hair. I'm at a stand still for what to use on my hair!

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