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Going From A Curl To Natural

by Carolyn
(Garden Grove, Ca)

Q: I have had a curl for more years then I care to recall now I wish to go natural.

Current length is past my shoulders and my hair is very thick

What can/shall I do?

A: Hi Carolyn. There are several ways you could approach this so I'll cover 3 main ideas.

1. Do the big chop - If you don't have a fear of going without a ton of hair on your head you can do what a lot of women do (including myself twice in my life)and just have all of your hair cut off.

I know it sound scary, but it's fast, painless, cheap and your hair will grow back very fast.

2. Use braids to grow it out - This second option is probably more popular than the first (for obvious reason) and allows you to have hair, look neat and be able to have a "style" while your hair grows in.

The downside of braids of course is the upkeep costs along with the hours you'll spend having them put in and taken out.

3. Transition your hair with no comb styles - This last option is one I like and if you're good at doing your own hair is can work out very well.

The idea is to do your hair is styles that don't require you to mess with them till next time you wash. Twists, buns and roller sets fall into this category.

Any of these three options can work very well for you. You just need to decide what you're willing to put up with and make a choice.

Have fun on your journey to natural hair!

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