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Goddess Braids


Want to learn how to do Goddess Braids?

Looking for a hairstyle fit for a queen?

Why not try a simple yet elegant style that features large cornrow-like braids done in an intricate pattern.

How about a style doesn't require hours of sitting (thank goodness because you know how numb a bum can get) and is one of the most affordable set of braids?

Let's look at how to create this braided style and tips for taking care of it. But first, here's a video that shows the braiding technique.

How To Create Goddess Braids

Here are easy step by step instructions for creating this style.

  1. Plan your style by mapping out the parts that you want to make in the hair. These will establish what the finishes style looks like.

  2. Separate a chunk of extension hair from the main bunch that's as thick as you want the braid to be.

  3. Divide the chunk of hair into 2 sections, with one section being twice as thick as the other.

  4. Loop the thinner section of hair over the thicker section making three sections of hair of about the same thickness.

  5. Staying within the section of hair that you've parted for the braid, take the synthetic hair and starting at the hairline put it in the center of the parted hair.

  6. Begin braiding the hair back as you would with a cornrow being careful to integrate the real hair with the extension hair as evenly as possible.

  7. Keep adding extension hair as you continue down the length of the braid to maintain the size and fullness.

  8. Keep braiding down to the ends of the hair. Take a good pair of scissors and clip off any flyaway hairs that popped up.

  9. When you've finished your whole head, dip the ends of your braids in boiling hot water to seal them (be very careful not to burn yourself with the water or steam).

  10. Complete the style by arranging the loose ends of the hair any way you want them and spray with light oil sheen.

How To Care For These Braids

These braids are very easy to maintain. To keep your style looking good for 4-6 weeks (longer depending on how it's done), tie a silk or satin scarf around it every night and use light oil sheen on the braids every other day.

Always deep condition your hair before you put the braids back in or move on to another style.

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