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Getting A Cold Wave Over A Perm

by Laverne
(Jackson, MS, USA)

Q: I have a perm and now I'm trying to get my hair to grow out to get a cold wave. On the new growth can I use the cold wave on the new growth and still have the perm at the end until my hair grow out?

A: I'm going to say 100% NO on this one.

The chemical makeup of these two processes are totally different from each other. The main point is that they are both chemicals PERIOD.

You have a 99% chance of losing all of the ends of your hair to serious damage and breakage if you use this process on your roots while the ends are growing out.

Also, if it were even possible, how strange would it look to have curly roots and straight ends (on purpose)?

Please, I know you want the style as soon as possible but it's not worth risking your hair for it.

Grow your hair out with braids or some other good transitioning style and when you have enough new growth cut off the relaxed portion of your hair and get the cold wave done on your virgin hair.

All the best.

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